VRChat Wall Switches/Toggles

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A wall decoration based on the popular "Lura Switch" asset that can be found in MANY VRChat worlds.

An NFC tag is included, you can use this to control smart devices, open URLs, or run your own custom tasks on your phone.

Controlling smart devices requires setting up the open source software "Home Assistant" on a computer in your home, preferably a spare computer that's running 24/7, and running a "Docker" instance on it. Yea, it's some pretty nerdy stuff.

Special thanks to SmedaNi for creating the 3D print files for these switches, and to 仮想狐のデザイン工房 (Virtual fox design studio) for creating the original "Lura's Switch" model for VRChat. You can print your own similar buttons at home if you have all the tools required.

I am NOT affiliated with nor endorsed by VRChat Inc.

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