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Custom VRChat Nametag - ANY Colors - Great for conventions/cosplay/etc.

FULLY CUSTOMIZE your own "VRC" Nametag for Conventions and/or Cosplaying.

EVERYTHING can be customized from the Color of the Text AND outer shell, to the "Status" below the name, the Font for the text itself, and even a picture of your choosing!

Optionally add an NFC tag that opens your social media.

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VRChat Wall Switches/Toggles - Reprogrammable NFC included - Use as decoration or control smart home devices!

A wall decoration based on the popular "Lura Switch" asset that can be found in MANY VRChat worlds.

An NFC tag is included, you can use this to control smart devices, open URLs, or run your own custom tasks on your phone.

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Custom Butterfly Knife Trainer (Balisong) - NOT SHARP - ANY Color for ANY Part!

Butterfly Knifes (aka. Balisongs) are fun to use as fidget toys, however it's easy to cut yourself while using one, not to mention it's also not legal to carry a real one in most states. This 3D printed plastic knife solves both of those issues!

Another benefit of getting yourself a 3D printed Balisong includes being able to choose ANY color for the Knife Blade, Handles and Pins separately!

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